• 17 mai 2016
  • Laurent Decheau
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Release de Docker 1.11, avec en news sur le moteur :

  • DNS round robin load balancing: It’s now possible to load balance between containers with Docker’s networking. If you give multiple containers the same alias, Docker’s service discovery will return the addresses of all of the containers for round-robin DNS.
  • VLAN support (experimental): VLAN support has been added for Docker networks in the experimental channel, so you can integrate better with existing networking infrastructure.
    IPv6 service discovery: Engine’s DNS-based service discovery system can now return AAAA records.
  • Yubikey hardware image signing: A few months ago we added the ability to sign images with hardware Yubikeys in the experimental channel of Docker. This is now available in the stable release. Read more about how it works in this blog post.
  • Labels on networks and volumes: You can now attach arbitrary key/value data to networks and volumes, in the same way you could with containers and images.
  • Better handling of low disk space with device mapper storage: The dm.min_free_space option has been added to make device mapper fail more gracefully when running out of disk space.
  • Consistent status field in docker inspect: This is a little thing, but really handy if you use the Docker API. docker inspect now has a Status field, a single consistent value to define a container’s state (running, stopped, restarting, etc). Read more in the pull request.

Load balancing du DNS !! Hate de tester ca !

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