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An installable image of Ubuntu for the Galaxy Nexus handset, along with its source code, will be released ‘late February’, Canonical’s Alan Pope has said.

The Galaxy Nexus is the main device currently used by Canonical for demoing the OS, which boasts a touch-centric version of the Unity interface.

At last weeks press event unveiling the device, Mark Shuttleworth had said that an image would be available ‘in the coming weeks’.

Still In Development

For all its glitz and glamour, the Ubuntu Phone image due in February is unlikely to be feature complete – and it’s important that anyone contemplating installing it is aware of this beforehand.

During our hands-on with the device we were impressed by its fluidity, touch-gestures, and designed. But there were gaps in its functionality.

For example, we found out that some key parts of the Ubuntu Phone experience, such as the ‘voice controlled HUD’ and an ‘app store’, don’t even exist yet; and many of those that do, such as the webkit-based web browser, are far from complete.

But, reality check aside, the core features of the phone – messaging, calling, camera, etc – were all working during our play with it – and working very, very well, we might add. »

Impatient de tester sur le nexus 4

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